Hurricane Katrina Relief: You Can Help


Recognizing the desire and need that many of our young man have to assist in bringing aid to the relief of the victims of the hurricane in the Southeast, we would like to suggest the utilization of the established Masonic Service Association and their disaster relief fund.

Through the efforts and research by Tom Labagh and Keith Klein, it has been determined that the MSA disaster relief fund is set up to aid in appropriate allocation of funds to assist in this area. A suggestion would be to utilize the Frank S. Land Memorial Obligatory Day efforts to contribute to this most worthwhile cause.

Contributions may be made directly to the MSA, however, we would prefer that your donations be sent to the DeMolay Service and Leadership Center, where they will be recorded and all moneys received will be forwarded to the MSA. Obviously, we would like the opportunity to track the donations made by DeMolay, but the most important goal is to provide relief to the extent that is possible, however it gets to the victims. We know that contributions made to and through the MSA will accomplish that goal.

More information is available on the MSA website, at Please activate and motivate your Chapters, Members and Advisors to assist in this earnest and good work. The opportunity for DeMolay Service has presented it’s calling, brethren, and we are of the nature, and duty, to accept this call. Please forward this information to those within your circle who are also desirous to help in what manner they may.


Jeff A. Chretien
Grand Master
DeMolay International

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