CONGRATULATIONS to the Jurisdiction of Southern California who leads the world for 2006 with 134 new initiates. Texas is in possession of second place with 122, Indiana is in third place with 109, Northern California/Hawaii is in possession of fourth place with 108, and rounding out the top five is Ohio in fifth place with 97. Only 1,361 initiates to go to make positive growth for 2006! There are 57 Jurisdictions who have reported initiates for 2006. Congratulations to the Ontario (DeCan) (+22), Italy (+12), Connecticut (+11), Missouri (+6), Japan (+4), Mississippi and Saskatchewan (DeCan) (+2) each, and South Dakota (+1) for reaching positive growth already for the year. We realize that it is still relatively early in the year but special recognition must be given to the following Jurisdictions, who are at this time (with Form 10’s received in Kansas City) in line to make positive growth: Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Alberta (DeCan). How many other Jurisdictions will make this list as the year moves onà


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